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What are the requirements to join Shutterturf as photographer?
On the top-level, here is what we are looking for if you want to join us as a ph... more
I am a photographer. How can i join Shutterturf?
Thanks a lot for your interest in Shutterturf. To learn more about why join us a... more
I don't see my city in the list?
We will be expanding our business offerings to more cities but cannot tell you t... more
What if we operate our photography business in multiple cities?
If you have operations in multiple cities, you would need to register for each c... more
We are multiple photographers who work for the same business. Do we each need a separate account?
Yes, each photographer needs to create a separate Shutterturf account but you ca... more
Who owns the copyright?
You own full copyright for the images you have purchased or all the photos if yo... more
Where is your studio?
Shutterturf does not have physical studios; we are a marketplace, and we connect... more

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