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Who owns the copyright?
You own full copyright for the images you have purchased or all the photos if you have purchased an all-inclusive shoot. This means you can use, reproduce, and publish your photos however you like. If you want to use the photos for commercial purposes, there may be an additional fee. Please ask the photographer.
What if I’m running late?

Please text or call your photographer if you are delayed. Because your photographer might have another session afterward. Any time that has passed will be forfeited, and you may shoot for the remaining time.

What format will I receive my photos in?

Photos in your online gallery and high-resolution link are provided in JPEG format. If you want RAW files, please ask the photographer. They may be able to provide it for an additional charge.

Will you share my photos online without asking permission first?

Absolutely not. We fully respect your choice on whether to share. Any photos you see on our site are from customers who have told us ‘in writing’ that we can share their photos online. Just let us know your preference when you fill in our feedback form after your shoot.

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