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Listing guidelines for studios

We appreciate your interest in listing your studio with us. Please follow these guidelines when creating your studio listings so that they can get approved without delays.

Essentially, we don't want buyers to circumvent us and go directly to you. It defeats the whole purpose of our marketplace. So you cannot use anything in your listing or profile that can identify you, whether your full name, company name, logo, website, Instagram handle, watermarks or text on images, etc.,

Before we can approve your listing, both your profile and the listing should be complete in all aspects.

For the Profile

  1. In the name field, please use the Studio manager's name, not your company name. We will only display your first name and the first letter of your last name.
  2. Please add your location. This will not be displayed to the user, but we will display a map with an approximate location of the studio.
  3. Adding a photo is optional.  However, we encourage adding your (studio manager) photo because putting a name to a face gives clients confidence when booking. If you don't add one, we will add a default image.  You cannot use your company logo, avatar, etc., 

Regarding the studio listing

Listing Title

For the reasons mentioned above, you cannot use the studio name in the listing titles. Here are some acceptable titles for studio titles - 

  • Studio with natural light, Kitchen photo studio, Studio space, Kitchen & Studio Space, Green Screen Studio, Cyclorama Studio
  • Photo studio near Tia Seng MRT, Photo studio in Peninsula Plaza
  • Fashion Studio, Portrait Studio
  • Studio with 400 sq ft space

Photos in the listing

  • All photos that you upload should be without a watermark or any text on the images. 
  • Only upload photos and not illustrations, brochures, pamphlets, etc

Videos in the listing

You can only use Youtube links in the listing description for videos, and the system will automatically add your video after the listing. You can add up to 5 youtube links in the description.

Further, please ensure that you don't have any watermarks, branding, etc., within the video for the reasons mentioned above. So if you want to share videos in the listing, please edit parts of the video that have your branding and then upload it as a new video on youtube to share the link in the description.

If you don't have youtube videos, then you cannot add links in the description. In that case, you can mention that you do video, and once the client inquires, you can send the video link.