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Why did my listing get rejected?

Apologies that your listing got ejected. Our vetting team is stringent when it comes to listing approvals because we aim to give the best to our customers, as we are sure you have come to expect from the many other services you buy.

Primarily, your listings can be rejected for not following the posting guidelines—however, the 4 most common reasons are: 

  1. You have limited experience in the "listings" category - Photography is a vast field with many specializations, and each comes with its own techniques and nuances.  So, just because a photographer is a fantastic wedding photographer does necessarily mean that they are an expert in food photography as well. Our vetting team (and clients) need to see demonstrated experience and professionalism for that photography category, which should be evident in the photos you upload for that listing. 
  2. Variety in the photos that you upload - Continuing with the previous point, there should be variety in the photos you upload for a listing, so we know that you have proven experience across multiple projects in that photography type. For example, if you are posting a wedding photography listing, please don't upload all photos of a single client. Similarly,  if you are posting a food photography listing, please don't upload all photos with a similar background or photos that are very similar to each other. We want to see that you have demonstrated experience in the photography category you are applying for across multiple projects and clients.
  3. Your style needs to match what we are looking for -It is possible that even though you are a fabulous photographer and have been approved for one particular category (such as food),  your technique and style for another category (such as real estate) does not match what we are looking for. In that case, we would not approve of your listing in that category. This is in no way any reflection on your skill. It's just that we are looking for something different. The decision of our vetting team, in this case, is final.
  4. Relevancy in the listing category and photos - The photos you upload should be relevant to that listing category. For example, if you create a listing for automotive photography, the photos should focus on showcasing the automobile, not the people or models around the automobile. If it is an auto show, the correct category would be "events", not automobile photography.
  5. Photo quantity matters - Every listing needs to have at least 5 photos to be approved. We (and our clients) cannot decipher your expertise when you only upload only 1 or a few photos for your listing. Also, only upload photos without any watermarks or text.
  6. Photo quality matters - Please don't upload blurry or hazy photos. All photos should be clear, which showcases your photos in the best light.
  7. Clarity in your offering - Your listing description should clearly mention your offering, what is included and what is not, and how much you will charge for your services. So, if you have specified a\the listings rate in "per hour", then the number of hours included should be 1. Similarly, if it is a fixed price package, clearly mention how many hours are included.

For a complete list of posting guidelines, please refer to this article.