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How does it all work?

The platform is straightforward, and you have complete control. Till you accept a photoshoot, no booking is confirmed. Here is how it happens.

  1. You list your photography services on our platform. You can create multiple listings.
  2. The interested client sees your profile, portfolio, reviews, and messages you.
  3. You communicate with the client on our platform, and if they are interested in booking, you ask them to book through our platform. Please do not accept direct bookings as that violates our policy.
  4. Once the client initiates the booking, you will get an email to accept the booking. Only once you accept the booking is confirmed.
  5. After the photoshoot and delivery of photos, the client completes the order, and we release the money to you (minus our commission).
  6. You and the Client review each other. Reviews build your reputation so you can get even more bookings and repeat business.

Please note that if the client initiates a booking and you don't accept it in 3 days, it automatically cancels. 

For a complete list of guidelines and faqs, please see -https://support.shutterturf.com/