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Sellers Faq's

How does it all work?
The platform is straightforward, and you have complete control. Till you accept ... more
Where can I find the amount of commission you charge?
If you are an approved photographer on Shutterturf, you can see the commission u... more
Can we add videos in our listing?
Yes. However, you can only use Youtube links in the listing description for vide... more
Can I add multiple emails to my account for notification?
Yes, and we recommend that. Shutterturf notification is all email-based, which m... more
Why is my listing not yet approved?
Our vetting team tried to get all the listings approved with a few hours to max ... more
Why did my listing get rejected?
Apologies that your listing got ejected. Our vetting team is stringent when it c... more
I want to hide my profile temporarily so I don't get any bookings. How do I do that?
If you want to hide your profile temporarily, please email us (mailto:support@sh... more
What happens if it's raining on the day of my photoshoot?
If it is an informal shoot, such as a family shoot, ideally, you should talk to ... more
Can I change the package price, delivery time etc at a later time?
Yes, absolutely! Once the onboarding is complete, you will get access to the sel... more
What should i put in the camera equipment?
It is necessary to have pro-level photography equipment. This includes camera bo... more
What kind of photos are not allowed?
Please don't upload any photos or videos related to sex, illicit drugs, blood, g... more
What kind of photos should I upload?
Please make sure that the photos you are uploading belong to that category. So p... more
What happens once I submit this form?
Our onboarding team will examine your portfolio as part of our verification proc... more
What are the requirements to join Shutterturf as photographer?
On the top level, here is what we are looking for if you want to join us as a ph... more
How can I help expedite the verification process so I can get approved faster?
You can help in expediting the verification process. We want to get your busines... more
I am a photographer. How can i join Shutterturf?
To join shutterturf, the 1st step is to tell us a little about yourself via subm... more
We are multiple photographers who work for the same business. Do we each need a separate account?
Yes, even if you are part of the same business, each photographer needs to creat... more
How do I delete my account?
We understand that Shutterturf may not be the right solution for you, and we res... more